Sommer saddles are highly adjustable and customisable. Imported from Germany, the saddles can be made on measurement to fit every horse's back. Contact us today to try our saddles!
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You are in possession of a beautiful, high-quality product made of leather, which needs regular care and attention on a regular basis to ensure that it not only retains its good looks, but also to ensure that it will give you many years of riding pleasure and remains safe to use. Take care of your saddle regularly.

What you need

  • Clean water and saddle soap, or leather cleaner
  • Any commercially available work trestle
  • A soft cloth
  • Sommer Ledosan and Remosol Color
  • A soft brush
  • A sponge and a woollen cloth

Care instructions

  • Use Sommer care products Pflegeprodukte, to ensure your saddle receives the proper care.
  • Take care of your saddle monthly as required, 
and more frequently if necessary.
  • Take care of all parts of the saddle –with the exception of the girth straps.
  • Store your saddle in a dry and safe place.